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Colonial Skimmer 270 Bravo:

I have owned Colonial Skimmer 270 Bravo for almost thirty years.  It is a crying shame I have to sell it ... for I truly love the old bird.  Never-the-less, things are what they are ... and ... it is time for the grand old gal to be brought into new hands ... hopefully, hands that will love her and enjoy her as I have.


The airplane has endured countless difficulties and yet, still brought great joy to her owners over the years.  With a little luck, she should be able to continue the "great joy" part of this tradition for many years to come.  That is my hope anyway.



Current Condition:

The airplane is intact but is not airworthy. It is licensed as an experimental aircraft. The engine has low time but hasn't run in a long time. The radio panel is adequate but minimal. The main gear wheel hubs, nose gear strut, nose gear doors and all hydraulics have been totally overhauled. A lot of the hardware on the wings and empennage has been replaced. Many other things, both small and large, have been attended to.  The plane has had all AD's complied with (I believe, anyway).

The hull has many scars from rough landings and run-ins with logs, docks and who knows what else.  There is a bullet hole in the left wing. The forward part of the keel has been partially ground away by scraping on the runway after the nose gear collapsed during an otherwise normal landing. There are many other problems that a new owner will want to correct in order to be happy with the airplane, even if the repairs aren't absolutely required to achieve airworthiness.

I estimate that it will take between 8k and 20k to make the plane properly airworthy.  It may be "gear-locked-down" ferryable to other airports for less that 1K.  The actual expenses will depend on the amount of work that is hired out and how particular the new owner is.  The plane is located at Boeing Field in Seattle.

      Regarding the 270 Bravo Experimental Category Status:

The C-2 Colonial Skimmer has a type certificate issued by the CAA, the precursor to the FAA.  270 Bravo was built, maintained and for many years flown, according to the specifications of this type certificate.  The airplane is currently licensed in the experimental category because the currently installed hydraulic pump is not the particular make and model pump specified in the original type certificate.  That is the sole reason.

The reason a different pump is installed is that the original pump failed and an identical replacement device was not available for purchase and subsequent installation.  Obviously, finding and replacing the current hydraulic pump with a unit of the original type would restore the airplane to its original non-experimental classification.

I don't think this is worth the bother ... and ... it is probably not possible. I have actually enjoyed having a type certificated airplane operating in the experimental category. There are distinct advantages ... and ... I don't think there are any real disadvantages.

Of course, there is a lot more to say ... but ... maybe this is enough introductory preamble for now. In any case, my fellow amphibious aircraft enthusiast ... please see, read and enjoy ...


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Colonial Skimmer 270 Bravo:

        Overview                                    Wings and Empennage

        Engine and Nacelle                     Instruments - Controls

        Hull - Lower                               Hull - Upper

        Main Gear                                  Nose Gear   

       270 Bravo Log Books and Airplane Manual:

These are all PDF files.  In the Adobe Acrobat "View" menu select "Rotate Clockwise" to turn the images right side up)

      Airframe Logbook 1          Airframe Logbook 2           Airframe Logbook 3

      Engine Logbook 1            Engine Logbook 2             Propeller Logbook

      The Airplane Manual    (This is a 22 MByte file)

By-the-way ... In the 1970's I legally obtained design notebooks and blue prints used during the original CAA certification of the Colonial Skimmer. This design information is detailed and absolutely unique.  Let me know if copies of these one-of-a-kind documents are of interest to you.

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